Take Care Of Meaning

Used when saying goodbye to family and friends. Definition of take care of something in the idioms dictionary.

Put yourself first doesn't mean you don't care about

But if said with emphasis, in a serious way, from a friend.

Take care of meaning. ‘our area has suffered recently from tragic accidents and our local garda are appealing to all to drive with caution and take care.’. I took care of my mother in the final months of her life. A more specific meaning surfaced when monica lewinsky reported to the press that she and bill clinton had had phone conversations during which each of them was taking care of business.

Take care of someone/something definition: We have to take care when we're typing up the transcript not to change any words. Keep one's eyes open and take caare.

Take care, tcb gladys 11/19/02. Take care of [sb/sth] v expr. (verb) my elderly mother needs to be taken care of.

To be responsible for someone or something: Take care to do something take care to ensure that the ladder is steady before you climb it. ‘wellband cautions singletons to take care when buying cover.’.

Be sure to take care and not get into any trouble while you're traveling. Take care of something phrase. Took , tak·en , tak·ing , takes v.

Get in good condition and take care. Take care of definition at dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. B) to be careful take care when driving in icy conditions.

Keep one's eyes open and stay safe. Cheer up and stay safe. I gotta get up off the couch and take care of business. its meaning was very general.

From longman dictionary of contemporary english. Take care a) spoken used when saying goodbye to family and friends take care! It functions as a “ good bye” and “ good night”.

You can say ' take care ' when saying goodbye to someone. Definitions by the largest idiom dictionary. 1 often in imperative be cautious;

Used by extension as a parting salutation. To get into one's hands, control, or possession, especially: Take care not to slip on the gravel as you're leaving.

Come up smiling and stay safe. Especially if it is said in an offhand, casual way. What does take care of something expression mean?

‘take care if you're planning to go out tonight’. Look after | meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Cheer up and take care.

If, however, the traveler is going to a dangerous place, e.g. (intransitive) to be cautious, careful or prudent. Thanks for visiting, take care!

To look after, to provide care for. When someone says “ take care of yourself”, it's usually has more sincerity if combined with a hug or they touch you on arm, shoulder. Take care, tcb masakim 11/17/02.

Get in good condition and stay safe. Verb to be cautious or careful. In fact, one is more likely to say it to people they're indifferent to.

Come up smiling and take care. “take care” is a general saying upon departure, nothing more. Climbing mount everest, the sentiment obviously takes on a different meaning.

This is the most common case. | meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Take care of synonyms, take care of pronunciation, take care of translation, english dictionary definition of take care of.

How to use take care of in a sentence. Take care (that) take care. Take care of something also means to do whatever….

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