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The kentia palm or howea forsteriana is a stunning indoor palm tree, and is one of our most popular and favourite plants. The kentia palm is a low maintenance plant but a bit of extra care will keep it looking good.

Kentia Palm Howea forsteriana Kentia palm, Plants

This palm belongs to the arecaceae family and originally came from lord howe island, located east of australia.

Kentia palm care uk. Reduce watering in autumn and winter. Shop all leaf envy indoor plants & pots online. In the 1870s, the kentia palm came to the uk.

How to care for kentia palm. Kentia is the perfect beginner’s palm plant : If you’re like us, then your heart and soul is already sold on this opulent and stylish plant.

This indoor palm was extremely popular in the victorian era because of how it was able to tolerate low light conditions. Almost unsurpassed for its tolerance of shady conditions, dry air and general neglect. 382), a tiny piece of land off the east coast of australia.

They adapt to a wide range of soil, from clay to loam and acidic to alkaline. Kentia palm, sentry palm, thatch palm. The fronds are also substantial, sometimes growing to 10 feet in length.

The island gives the palm its botanical name, howea forsteriana. The kentia palm is the ultimate glamour plant, with tall stems and arching feathered foliage. Bright, indirect light with little to no direct sunlight is best.

With sweeping architectural, dark green fronds this classic plant is the perfect way to bring a lush, tropical and exotic vibe into your home. The kentia palm is a perfect indoor palm. It comes with white flowers that bloom in winter.

This elegant house plant perfectly proportioned for your home, making a great statement plant, but never getting too large for its space. Kentia palms prefer partial shade and indirect light and do poorly if exposed to direct light. Home > palms > help yourself to this handy kentia palm guide.

How to grow kentia palm. To find out more about kentia palm care, visit our guide. The kentia palm (howea forsteriana) lends a lovely tropical atmosphere to your house.

Easy to care for, air purifying and pet friendly. When light hits the leaves it brings a. Native to a picturesque volcanic island

Queen victoria owned a kentia palm at buckingham palace back in the 1800s (although it’s believed she didn't buy it from us). There you will find everything you need to know. Leaf envy plant care tips for your kentia palm based on its light, temperature & water needs.

One of the most beautiful, popular and suitable palms for growing indoors. It’s a slow grower that can take decades to reach its maximum height of 10 metres. The kentia palm is one of the most popular, easiest to care for and most robust types of palm and is happy anywhere in the house, or in other public areas.

Although this article is aimed for the cultivation of kentia & sentry palms, the two will be mentioned under 'kentia palms' throughout the document to save confusion. Kentia palms, also called the howea forseriana or thatch palm, are an arecaea palm native to lord howe island, australia.they grow slowly but reach impressive sizes, up to 33 feet tall and 20 feet wide in optimal outdoor conditions. Grow it in a spot that’s bright but out of direct sunlight and water only when the top few centimetres of compost have dried out in spring and summer.

The hydroculture version of the kentia palm is a perfect indoor palm. The kentia palm originated on lord howe island (population: Free delivery on orders over £50 and 30 day returns.

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