Hublicious: Which Way Did the Brand Go? With Sean Williams

Which way did the Brand go?

Have you ever asked the question, what is a brand? What does it mean or represent? The phrase ‘Branding’ is often overused, or plugged into a variety of scenarios and situations. With the evolution of technology and the change in people’s behaviour, a ‘brand’ is referred to in a variety of ways – logo, word mark, sign, person, website, product, service, community, etc. There’s also many discussions, for instance, on logo design Minneapolis,  around who owns a organization’s brand – the customer or the company. Join Sean in this interactive session where he’ll go over his views of what a brand is, how it’s evolved in this new age of engagement, and his company’s approach to branding.

For those attending, be sure to come to this session prepared to outline your company or product’s ‘brand’ based on Sean’s format.

Interested in attending? Visit for more information.

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