Changes and Building a Culture of Risk Taking

Being an entrepreneur means making changes in the moment and shifting things when opportunities arise. In the spirit of collaboration and community building, we are shifting our “Take the Plunge” event this Friday to happen Wednesday, April 4th.

This Friday we encourage you to show up at StartUpWeekend, Room 2600, Killam Library at Dalhousie University hosted by Ed Leach and Paulette Dunn. We will be there with the rest of the Start Up Canada crew for networking and to hear the pitches. The event hosts invite you to join in the fun!

Everyone is Welcome – anyone interested in attending should rsvp to Paulette Dunn, There is no cost to showing up on Friday and if you want to register for the weekend, spaces are still open. See you there!

Kind Regards,
Tracy, Joanne and Monica ~ your organizing team

Looking for more? Check out the unique and inspired HubTalks titled The Entrepreneurial City hosted by Emily Richardson kicking off this Tuesday, March 27th.

Who are the risk-takers, the doers, the initiators behind the businesses that make the city unique? What makes these entrepreneurs tick and how do they bring their ideas to life?

These conversations will feature the people behind local enterprises sharing their stories about starting a business in Halifax. And for you prospective entrepreneurs thinking about making the leap, we’ll have plenty of time for a lively Q+A session.

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