Work Space

Feel free to visit the Hub anytime between 8.30am-6pm for a tour and information or email us at



Membership Benefits:

1)     Community of like minded professionals: By joining the HUB network you gain immediate access to an expanding network of like-minded professionals. Over time, you will be part of a dynamic peer network and obtain great insight, feedback and support for your development. 

2)     Member Events: The HUB hosts a number of monthly events to help support learning and foster new connections between members. We try to create events that are unique, challenging and practical.

3)     Shared amenities: Have access to the things you need, when you need them. The HUB comes fully equipped with a printer, scanner, photocopier, fax machine, telephone line, wireless connection, kitchenette, and projectors for presentation use.

4)     Access to member list serve: Take advantage of your HUB membership by introducing yourself to our virtual network and keep other members up-to-date on your organization’s activity.

5)     Atmosphere: With natural light, exposed brick, historic character and a hip, modern esthetic, the HUB is the perfect venue to get work done and have access to the things you need, when you need them.

6)  Central Location: The HUB’s central location in the heart of downtown Halifax is the perfect spot to keep your organization’s finger on the pulse of what’s new and happening.

 7)     Value: Our members find that by working in the HUB they find quality business connections and leads enabling them to network everyday from their place of work.

Membership options

Becoming a member of the Hub will give you access to space and the tools and resources needed to cultivate an idea, run an event, launch a project, host a meeting or operate a business. Buy time like a cell phone plan:

hub Membership Monthly Fee Time
Mingle $25 5 hours a month
1/2 Connection $62.50 15 hours a month (~ 3 days)
Connection $125 30 hours a month (~ 6 days)
In Between $208 50 hours a month (~ 10 days)
Unlimited $349 Unlimited hours a month
Network $599/year For volunteer driven networks
Drop in Rate $25 / $8 Daily Rate / Hourly Rate