passportThe Hub Halifax is proud to be one of four shared workspaces sharing OUR COLLECTIVE LOVE TODAY to support your work and impact across Canada!

“This Valentine’s Day four Canadian coworking organizations are sharing the love with the launch of a Pan-Canadian Coworking Passport. The passport allows social innovators, entrepreneurs and creative professionals to use amazing shared workspaces across the country. Though the main goal is for them to tap into new communities and resources to better deliver programs, products and services, Cupid’s arrows will now surely fly far past their local office printer. Read More!


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    ?y friend Mike ?nd ? ?ere driving to ? business lunch th? othe? day, and ?e
    always manage to talk ?bout ?ome funny things. ? wa? telling h?m how I changed m?ny lught bulbs ?n my house
    to LED f?om CFL. Wh?n wwe redid th? kitchen, ?e ??d LED
    h?gh hats a? w?ll. Click t?o read m??e.

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    Disrupt internal and external relationships.

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