We are still here!


Hi, out there! Well, friends, it’s been a while since we’ve updated our website. Now that things are finally starting to slow down we want to take this opportunity to let everyone know what we’ve been up to over the last few months. Since our last somewhat ominous post, we did in fact move the Hub from 1673 Barrington Street to 1649 Barrington Street, just a few doors down from our previous location. Despite the short distance, the move took a lot of work and we couldn’t have done it without the help of many of our terrific Hub members. ‘The Hub Vogue,’  as we’ve taken to calling it (as we are now in the Vogue Building), is temporary, but we’ve done a lot to make our interim space one that is conducive to the kind of  creativity we work to inspire. You wouldn’t know it now, but when a group […]

The HUB Halifax at a Crossroads

For Immediate Release January 20, 2014 Halifax, NS The HUB Halifax at a Crossroads: Business Incubator and Community Hub Searching for Sustainable Model  The Hub Halifax announced today that it will be closing its 1673 Barrington Street office at the end of January, ending a five year chapter in the community and business hub’s history. As of February 1st, a core group of members have arranged to move down the street to the second floor of the Vogue Building, signing on to the space for up to a year. Facing the end of their lease at Barrington, Hub co-founders Joanne Macrae and Tracy Boyer spent the last 16 months exploring options for moving forward, in close consultation with members about how to best adapt or move The Hub.  The business is one of many similar, shared working spaces that have popped across the world over the last decade, all geared […]

Hub Members Uganda Venture launch fundraising campaign to bring electricity to a Ugandan village


Hub Halifax members Uganda Venture have launched a fundraising campaign to bring electricity to the village of Tabiro, Uganda. The campaign launched on Friday and is called Lights for Light (lightsforlight.ca). The organization is seeking 3000 generous individuals to donate $10 each, in order to raise the necessary $30 000 required to complete the project.  That amount will be added to the contribution from the Ugandan government, who have committed to paying 70% of the cost with the condition that the village of Tabiro provides the remaining 30%. The managing director of Uganda Venture (who works out of the Hub) is Fadi Al Qassar and he explains that the organization is very excited by the prospect of bringing electricity to the village: “When we first started working in Tabiro the community flagged electricity as a crucial need. We encouraged them to apply to get access to electricity; our job in this process […]